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Portable Power Station

1. What type of batteries does TogoPOWER use?
        TogoPOWER Pioneer Power Station products are all made by premium lithium-ion battery cells that have higher energy density, lower self-discharge rate, higher voltage, and longer service life.

2. What advantages of pure-sine wave inverter have?
        Pure-sine wave inverter, which TogoPOWER used, can provide very low harmonic distortion and clean power. It will not affect the performance and service life of the load equipment.

3. Can TogoPOWER Pioneer Power Station be taken on a flight?
        I am sorry that our products that have over 100Wh batteries are not allowed to be taken on a flight.

4. Can I use the solar panel to charge TogoPower Pioneer Power Station?
        Sure. Solar panels can charge all TogoPower Pioneer Power Stations. Note that the solar panels which you choose fit our product. We recommend you buy TogoPOWER Solar Panel to makes sure you have a better user experience.

Gas Generator

1.How to drain the gas from your generator gas tank and carburetor?
① Open the gas tank cap to create air flow through tank.  
② Locate the fuel valve switch.  
③ Remove the plastic cover that is over the fuel lines.
④ Push the fuel valve through the cover.
⑤ Pinch and remove the aluminum clip off the side of the fuel line that does not connect to the gas tank.
⑥ Put the fuel valve tube into a collection container large enough to hold all the gas in the tank.
⑦ Turn the fuel valve to on. 
⑧ Locate the carburetor.
⑨ Place a small collection container under the carburetor.
⑩ Once the gas has stopped coming out, turn the screw to the right to close again.

2. How to choose a generator?
First, find out the running wattage of your appliances, which you want to use with the generator. Then, add the wattages together and multiply that number by 1.5 to account for the extra power your appliances need to start up. Add up the running wattage of your appliances and additional starting wattage to get the right-sized generator.

Solar Panel

1. How can I choose 60W and 100W Solar Panel?
        It depends on the capacity of the product you want to charge. If you want to charge Baldr 330, we recommend you buy 100W Solar Panel.

2. Is the Solar Panel waterproof?
        Both sides of the Solar Panel are protected well from splashing water. However, the connectors which on the bag are not waterproof. Do not immerse the Solar Panel in water, and we don’t recommend using the Solar Panel in the rain and moist environments. 

3. If it is partly cloudy or shady will the solar charger still work?
        Yes, although the charging efficiency will be low causing prolonged charging time.

4. Is this chainable with other Solar Panels?
        Yes. You can chain other Solar Panels that have the same nominal output voltage power in parallel. You should note that the superimposed current cannot exceed the current that the connecting cables and plugs can bear. Our warranty does not cover any property loss caused by misoperation when chaining Solar Panels.

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